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Sorry For not writing , been busy as usual , sleep , watch tv doing chores others that teens would do during holidays . A fresh new beginning will start soon , How i feel ? FRUSTRATED , CONFUSED , MIXED UP , DEPRESSED , at young age ? Weird me I'm one of those experimental PBSMR Candidates next year , I don't have enough confident-nes to score A's in the exam . I promise myself to work harder and do not want to disappoint my parents neither my teacher and chingus . Wait i got lost a bit , noisy much here . Repeating The same mistakes like what i did when i took UPSR is just a humiliation for me . I can do better , but what did i do ? (don't ask) . I Got scolded a lot these days just because I ruined my future to go to boarding school but not this time . I've had enough . please .

Since the internet is being good today , i may babble a lot about how I'm going to strive these upcoming exams , Maybe not . I'll share some problems and Bam ! I'm off to sleep . lol no i won't sleep again . Ok So ..... Mom has been pushing me and told me i have to go tuition and extra class . Quit music class after i take ABRSM exam in March 2014 . So In total , I Am busy until the end of march , And Only Free on Wednesday . LOL When i think back , the way i've been releasing stress is having a good short nap and Bam ! I've wasted 3 Hours OOOO ! *laughs

I Don't Know , First month of school may be hard for me , in a lot of matters . how to survive , i'm really curious and lost here . I'll just go what fate brings me . And I'll avoid talking bad about people , maybe avoid everyone . Hate to think . Need To figure out how to arrange daily schedule for me ,  wishing i don't end up getting tired . Not good at sports and anything sporty so i'll try my best to be active in curriculum .

So whatever will come ahead , In Shaa Allah I'll face it as calm and smart as i can . Not to let laziness overloads me . Wish Me luck in life , i hate emotions xoxo byep !

Uhmm So Hey , Less Privacy here so i'm gonna keep things simple . It's probably about my boring routine and feelings . Well you know teens . The internet always has been an issue and i hate that a lot , so i spend most of the time watching televisions and do some important chores at home . But yet life is boring without surfing internet in LCD screens . Always spend time on mobile and that bother's me a lot . Well do contact me in another way and that is wechat-ing and whatsapp-ing , because that's what i'm capable to do right now . Well that words sound weird .

Anyways i get so left out a lot . My parents always like "stay home" only because of some circumstances ah i wish i have licence and money and all that (wishing for now) . But whatever , it's nice spending time alone like everyday ! *laughs why you lucky girl *pat myself . 

I've been lately kinda overreacted . Not like mental people , like annoying ways .. I Asked myself why I've been such a brat but till then . I Have no idea , I hate how my attitude is now . It feels like everything and everyone's ruin just because of me . Oh probably you will know if you're just me *sighs . 

Lot's of things to do and to think . Even sometimes i can't think straight and ended up sleeping (too mainstream ? *laughs you're out of topic bro) homework's and all teens ? kid ?  too young to over think ? i thinks so , too mature . ok none of that until now , bye :)) 

p/s : click it ! , i warn you .. 

An Apology
Hey Peeps ,

Sorry For Breaking My Promise , i supposed to keep updating this blog until the end of December 2013 But See , i left it in the middle so there's maybe a gap between this post and the last post i reposed . Anyways , i was back at Kampung and yes , i got back .. with force of course , but never mind .. I really enjoyed my holiday with family and it's really uhhmm yeah awesome . Went to Penang , Taiping visit some places , makes mess and annoying-ness overloads . I Kinda actually make some fights that I'll probably forget . Haha but who cares , forgive me .

Sorry about pictures , they're not been uploaded yet , if yes i could spare some time editing but no . maybe some other time . I'll make sure , well it depends to Yasmin to upload it . I'll make sure to force her after this to upload pictures of us enjoying holidays .
Lot's of things going on and , Uhmm what should i add ? fights done , what i did , ahmm something horrible that i really don't want to share with you .

Ah yes ! , remember that past post about how i use English so simple etc . Yeah actually i improving these couple of weeks . Reading this kinda bombastic etc novel : Confessions Of Private School Murders (i won't give you the details) . i underline the  words i don't know , take this some advance dictionary used by university students and bamm ! find the meaning for me baby . Haha , it's kinda exciting though . for me of course learning and expressing new ideas for an upcoming test . Haha who knows , i might re-think about my future for being a journalist or writer . I'll probably love that job .

Actually this post is not all apologetic at all right ? Haha i've just realized . Getting sleepier here guys i think that's all from now . xx 

It's 3pm Already Me Here updating blog listening to G-dragon - Black (awesome song ) .

Actually i'm kinda disappointed  by myself , cause i rarely use English language nowadays . If i use it , i'll probably add some " rojak language " into it . It doesn't really bothers me though , but in the end i realize all those mash up words ain't gonna help me pass the exams and i'm like WHAT ? please consider it . Haha sometimes i got jealous by those hot stuff kids in twitter using words in English and somehow sometimes i can't even understand . And see now i'm using simple and common languages that people can understand . 

I want to experience and using all those advanced English that you know those universities kids used . Ah They talk like professionals der . You have to listen to them . I'd like to go deeper in using and talking English . But not all of my friends understands what I'm saying . I somehow feel like i'm the one who's bitching and bossing about it , And not all of them knows those British accent I'm crazy about . Ah What a life , i wish i could just go to England Right now . Left me beside the Big Ben Building and ask me to communicate with some British citizens , I'll probably go Frozen and start using hand signals . And people will judge me as a crazy girl (laughs..)

A Part of my ambition when i was a kid was being a journalist . Not In Malaysia , But at New York . Fashion Magazines , Journalist , novel writer , successful blogger Aahhhhhh just imagine . I Just sit there sipping tea and coffee , Writing For hours and get paid for what I Write . Ah What A Life , Well if i want to then i'll have to use English from now on . To Improve . But That's just what i dream of . I don't know .. maybe I'll consider it in the future ? Haha , I'm focusing on being a lawyer ,  a prosecutor would be good . It's simple , be good at talking and don't loose on a fight . Maybe that's why i started a fight at kampung . I Wonder ..... (laughs) i don't know why i'm into these job (lawyer) but yeah i like it though . But there's a lot of challenges ahead . Some people told me , this job included using LIES to win yourself , Now that's just Awful . Well , i'm not an honest person and also not a liar so 50-50 ? Ah I'll consider it in the future .

Wait , now i'm talking about ambitions . Ah seriously ? Ok ahhmmm , i don't have anymore to say . And i don't have any idea to write . so I'll stop here . Advice to myself , No more "rojak" languages etc . keep reading novels , watch movies , communicate others using English etc . Ah No more feel like want to puke right now . And don't ask me why . Ok Adios people thanks for visiting and reading . I Appreciate it .


A Break For Us All
Assalamualaikum Peeps :)

It's  1a.m already and i'm still awake , probably cause i told myself to keep updating this renewed blog . I'm Not sure if i can type long cause this keyboard ain't going to shut up . I'm Just Going to keep things simple and don't wake anyone's up . I'm Gonna tell a story that would probably bored you out so it's up to you "TO READ OR NOT TO READ" 

So It's Holiday again , Yes I Survived this school year . Now going to rest for like 2 half months and after that Hello Boredom aka SCHOOL . Uhmm so what do I Do During these fun times . Some Activities with family and friends and some of my own . Interesting But not yet to be rated As Fantastic . Just wish we can go overseas and see awesome foreign country but NO . 

So i do what possible things i can do during holidays like , staying home watching tv onlining etc . Haha and i keep repeating those like everyday and yes i don't have time to jog whyy ? these fats ain't gonna walk if you asked them too . ah i need exercise and more balance diet . ok back to topic , Hangs out with old bff's watch movies , restaurants eat and stuffs . But still boredom overloads . 

Well i'm not too excited about going for a holiday at kampung cause probably i'll get left out and stay at KL for A week while My parents at kampung meeting all the family  members while me just sitting there  left behind and didn't experience all the PADDY FIELDS , BLUE SKY FRESH AIR MOMENTS . Ahh Damn I Want To But Can't Cause  my mom won't let me . She said i'll probably start a fight like last time . A Fact maybe ? i don't know 

Maybe i'll find out it's fun even not at kampung ? hmm who knows sorry i can't go back meeting all of you . Maybe next time , or maybe when i turn 17 that time i'm allowed to go back to kampung ? haha who knows . and btw it's not an epic fight , i blame my mouth and all the acting i did ok i'll blame myself and after this i'll regret . ok that's all . thanks for reading iloveyouguyssomuchxoxomepeaceout.

Brand New Beginning Baybee
Assalamualaikum Peeps :)

 Here Me Again , Ah Long Time No See . Blame The Internet For Being Slow Like A Snail .  Anyways Glad To Be Writing Again . Lot's of amazing stories to tell . And if you wonder  where the Hell my past post is , i deleted them . Probably most of them are a bunch of  rubbish from the past and of course i don't want to keep them . I'll Keep updating until my  internet goes slow as it was before and after that BAM i'm no longer an active blogger .
 I Somehow hate my past post , it's more to like what i like conflict and etc . I hate it SO SO  much Like Yeah . HATE THEM . Anyways , i don't have any idea of what to tell so i'm just  going to tap this keyboard and keep you entertain !

What Should I Share now for a new beginning ? Ahhmm ok i don't have any idea , i don't want to talk about schools , friends , relationship , family , biases , kpops , social life and etc that probably most boring yet ordinary story everyone's been having in their life including me . And No i'm not running any business in this blog , it's for fun probably more like a diary.
Nothings Been going on really , just a bunch but that's all a part of drama of life everyone has to face and yeah that's normal . Should i talk about my boring life ? yeah interesting , ok so basically i absolutely proud of myself for being excellent in academic . Back then i was in the second class aka BERLIAN and now i'm all officially upgraded into EMAS Student . Yes Baby I'm SO SO Proud of myself . And yes of course i get rewarded for my hardness in studying THEY HAVE TO PAY ME !  Aha i hate my words that i just typed just now .

 I Asked my mom about brand newphone , you know those slim smartphones 21st century people are crazy about . I've been dreaming for one . My friends most of them are using it and i hate them for making me jealous . Ok So I Asked My mom and she said 'we'll look for one' And yeah we looked for it , she thought those smartphones be like 'hey i'm 500 buy me' and i was like NO MOM i want that iphone 6 (not out until 2014) probably cost around 1 or 2 k's And she was all freaked out and say NO . Some conflict going on i'm not going to babble about something not important cause i'm saving energy for my hand

I'm Looking forward for one please consider it , i'm begging . And I Know you won't Read this but please consider it . xoxo your thoughtful daughter


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